WC-20 Plastic Antique Copper Kitchen Back splash and Wall Covering

We have installed this pvc faux copper backsplash in our kitchen and it is beautiful. Very easy to install.

By R. Ahmad, March 26, 2010


The photos for this product do not capture how beautiful it is! I have yet to install it, but will follow the advice of other review to let it warm in the sun to relax and soften. Product is heavier than I thought it would be. Looks exactly like tin. Extremely pleased!

By 5iathornes, April 18, 2012


Fleur De Lis Design Copper Backsplash WC20

WC 20 Copper Backsplash (Faux Tin) PVC



Tin WC-20 Patina Copper Decorative Kitchen Backsplash

This backsplash is a lovely accent with our Oak Kraftmaid kitchen. Our home is tastefully decorated with antiques so it was wonderful to find a backsplash that was fitting for our collection. It was very easy to apply. We are retired and the application was great. This company is really nice if you have any questions about their product. It is a less expensive product than ceramic tile backsplash. Our backsplash makes a great statement as you enter our home.


By Kathy May 9, 2012

WC-20 Patina Copper PVC Backsplash

WC-20 Patina Copper PVC ( Faux Tin) Backsplash

WC 20 Patina Copper Used to resurface Kitchen Cabinets


Gorgeous WC-20 Black Gold Backsplash

I recently remodeled my kitchen and I love the look that this backsplash gave to the room. It was a little more difficult to work with than I expected but now that I have finished and caulked I absolutely love the way it looks. It was significantly less than the same material that comes in the 18×24 squares. I received it quickly and in the condition that I expected. I highly recommend this product and the seller!

By Amy W, November 28, 2012

WC-20 Black Gold

Wc-20 Black Gold Pvc 25ft.roll X 2ft


Beautiful Design #303 Antique Copper PVC
These ceiling tiles look very expensive and gives my room a warm, elegant style. I can easily find a dozen places I could use them for things other than on my ceiling. I am very happy with my purchase. 
By   Leisa S.
 December 5, 2012

Decorative 24 x 24 Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles #204 Antique Silver 

Awesome product! These look tasteful and nostalgic. A little throwback to the past. I used 4 of them to point a ceiling fan. The project turned out lovely!!!

I would highly recommend these tiles for any do-it-yourself project!

By Patrick J.  
Pottsville, Pa.
May 26, 2012
DIY Economical way to Decorate Renovate Home or Office

DIY Plastic Ceiling Tile Looks Better then Metal, Will never Rust.


Decorative Ceiling Tile R-22 

I bought these tiles to make a customized headboard.  I have to say, the project turned out great. I would recommend these tiles for projects that will be mounted on wood or board. They are not substantial enough to lie flat on their own, but work really well when mounted. I painted them and distressed them and they turned out great. Nice consistent quality. I am happy with my purchase and, given the option, I would buy these again! 

 By Cap’n Jenny
 November 13, 2011
I used Ceiling Tiles by Us Design # 117 Cream Pearl for my Home Improvement Remodeling Project.
Had a small area to work with and these were perfect for that area. The price was great and looks fantastic.

By Rose D.  December 28, 2011



Home Improvement Remodeling. Do It Yourself!

I was very pleased with the Victorian Faux Copper #205  plastic ceiling tiles I ordered from Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc. They were easy for my husband to install and they look beautiful! I also found the customer service staff to be very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this company to other consumers. I plan on ordering more products from this company for my bathroom and other rooms in my home. They are very reasonably priced and I love the finished product! My ceiling in my foyer looks wonderful!

Sammy Scraper.

Faux Ceiling Tiles, Do It Your Self Kitchen.Great product, and less than 1/2 the price of home stores

We were wanting tiles to go in our kitchen, they were going to cost us a arm and a leg at the big home store, i got these for about 30 percent of the cost of the other places, and they were shipped fast and no tax.


JRR 1964

Plastic Antique Copper Kitchen Backsplash Wall Covering Wc-20- 26 Ft. Roll 
This product EXCEEDED my expectations! It is so beautiful and rich in color. Friends think we have real copper.
I researched this product, both on ebay and Amazon. The reason I selected Amazon is because I had almost $80.00 in rewards. So the end cost to me was $63, rather than their full price of $139.
Gail P.
Kitchen Backsplash Faux Decorative Antique Copper Plastic Wc-70 Wall Covering Ul Rated – 26ft. Roll

The material itself looks great in my kitchen setting. This material is somewhat brittle so you have to take care not to bend it at too great an angle or it will crack and split. Would also recommend that you put some kind of seal coat on the faux finish. Te faux will come off if taped or rubbed too hard. There is slack in the material because it is embossed. Roll it out completely and lay it in the sun for about an hour and it will relax the material and make it easier to work with. If you take these precautions it is a beautiful back ground. You would have to really look hard to notive that it is not the real thing.

Jim F.



Create your self  Home accents.

I ordered just one of these as a decorative item to hang behind my kitchen sink, and, it’s gorgeous. If you’re considering doing something similar, think about getting a frame for it as well so that you don’t have to hang it with push pins or something. It’s soft PVC, so, it’s not like you can hang it from the back on a nail. Thumbs-up, though.

Nicole C.G  Alabama




These STYROFOAM CEILING TILES are great if you hate popcorn ceilings as much as I do! They are thin & easily managed. We used liquid nails for foam & paneling and had no problems at all. I LOVE the “new” look it gave my ceilings.

Kelly J. North Carolina




This is a gorgeous tile. I haven’t installed it yet; was planning to use it as a back splash behind a cook top. Although it is very thin and lightweight, the detail makes for a very impressive statement. The seller is excellent; we had some initial problems with damage to the first tile. I contacted them, sent pictures of the damage to the tile and the box (the damage pretty clearly happened during shipping, even though the seller marked box as fragile) and they immediately sent a replacement tile.

A/K/A Singing Seven (Nickname)



At first I planned to put this on my ceiling. When I received this tile it was very intricate and nice looking. I have decided to shadow box the tile and hang it up as art. Product Choice was OVC-2 / VC-2 In Antique Copper

A. Rennie



This product will make any room look like you invested thousands in renovations. The product is easy to cut with scissors and rubber cement works great with this material. I have a ceiling that appears like a ceiling you would see in Donald Trumps home. Our Product Choice was OVC-2 / VC-2 In Antique Copper.

E. Cannon. Baltimore, Maryland , November, 2010


Customer Wayne G. of Florida installed Styrofoam Ceiling Tile Design  R-60 over existing Popcorn Ceiling using Ceramic Tile Adhesive A/K/A Mastic and kind enough to make a video of the installation process uploaded to his you tube page and shared the Video with us to use on our web site. It is better that he explain his complete satisfaction with the product and ease of installation.



Wayne G. Florida


As promised, attached is a picture of how we used your product to create a Victorian-era ceramic tile stove for our theater production, A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen.

Worked like a charm! Thanks again…

—R Johnson

I was very pleased with your product and the easy installation.

Our [log cabin] house is a 1946 hand built log cabin that my father built. My wife and I had restored it in 2006, but the kitchen ceiling remained a problem. The existing drywall was put up over unlevel beams and the dry wall had a wave like look, as it was not level. I was looking for something to cover the existing dry wall and look good without lowering the already low ceiling! Your product fit the bill perfectly! I liked the color as it looked old and with a phone call and very reasonable cost and shipping, I was able to complete my ceiling in one week. I used only a staple gun to staple tiles to ceiling! Over lapping each tile, made it easy! Thanks again!

—J Kuhn

The installation process was so simple that I could not believe it.

The results were amazing considering that I had never done anything like this before. So good that I have decided to do several rooms during my remodel…

—Respectfull, Leon

Thank you so much for your great customer service. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I will definitely recommend you and your company to everyone interested…

— K. Huggins

I get tons of compliments on my dining room ceiling. Your ceiling tiles were so easy to work with,

I ordered and just received my 2nd set of ceiling tiles for my living room!

— M. Leahey

We are restoring a ca. 1902 home in Oklahoma. This home was built by a founding father of the town, and a man considered a “Pioneer of the Chisholm Trail”. We are trying to go with techniques that are appropriate to the time period of the house’s build date. We decided to go with a “flashed copper” ceiling tile effect in the living room, but could not afford to go with the “real deal”. We have purchased the R10 ceiling tile and are applying a faux finish painting technique to get the appearance we want. The paint system we are using is the Sherwin Williams Illusions Metallic paints. The tiles are being painted with 2 coats of the Copper (uncut) and then one coat of the Silver (uncut) to achieve a “flashed copper” look. We are tremendously happy with the results and how easily your product installs.

I just had my 79 year old mother come over and see what I have installed so far and she started tearing up over it! She thought they were real copper tiles! She couldn’t believe it when I told her they were polystyrene, I had to go get an unpainted tile and prove it to her!!

— M. Allin

Thanks for your help- we are excited to receive any tips you can offer and hope it works out well as it would be a good solution for another room too…

— A. Frank

We Love your product!!! We love the Ceiling Tiles and will be ordering again to install in our library.Thanks again for a “Great Product” at a “Very Affordable Price”. We are Very Happy with the the way our Ceiling turned out. We installed our Ceiling Tiles around a Wood Burner stove pipe. We do have the stove quite hot some nights, and have not seen any signs of heat damage at all. The stove pipe is tripled layered, and does not get very hot. We were a bit uneasy at first as to what the heat would do to it, but decided it was worth the cost to see as we could not find tin tiles at any reasonable cost. We just painted the ceiling tiles in a water based black gloss using a brush to apply two coats. Now we know why in your FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions Page) it states “Do Not Use Cans of Spray Paint as the gas in the Spray Can will Melt the Ceiling Tiles…

— A. Glasman & T. Glasman

Excellent, thanks. I can’t wait to get them. I’m really looking forward to putting them up. I can accommodate that schedule, so thanks for keeping me apprised!

— R. Small

Thank you for your great customer service!

— J. Inge

Your customer service is second to none! As I move through the rest of my remolding projects, you can count on my

repeat business. Thanks again for taking the time to follow up with me.

— L. Lee

thanks so much…i received the tiles today. they look great. i’m taking them to my builder on monday morning. i’ll be back in touch. it’s going to be approx. 6 to 8 weeks before i get control of the building. thanks,

— r.j.

My kitchen has been transformed with the new ceiling tiles – now it is time to move on the bathroom and try out some sampleof choices for the remainder of the house…

— P. Simpson

We are thrilled with the bathroom and will extend the ceiling into the adjacent hallway with the same pattern. Thanks again for everything and we look forward to receiving the order…

—A. Frank

Thank again Tom – I wish you worked for me…your customer service is outstanding!

— L. Lee

The ceiling tiles are beautiful, and our installer said they were great to work with. Love them!

— L. Wilt

The tiles worked as I hoped they would, any problems were a result of the installer (myself), not the tiles. It is a small bathroom, so there were only a couple of different view points to use. We are enjoying our new bathroom and the ceiling tiles gave it the finishing touch we wanted.

— R. Mitchell

The tiles were great; easy to install and look good. I’ve used them in several rooms and am very happy with the results.

— C. McFarland

The tiles worked as I hoped they would, any problems were a result of the
installer (myself), not the tiles. It is a small bathroom, so there were
only a couple of different view points to use. We are enjoying our new
bathroom and the ceiling tiles gave it the finishing touch we wanted.

— R. Mitchell

WOW! these tiles are just beautiful !

We bought plain tiles and painted them in antique white for the Dining room & living room. Our house is almost 100 yrs old and nothing would stick to the lath & plaster we seen these tiles on line and thought we would give them a try. In the office after painting we glazed them with antiquing gel they look fantastic.Its been 2yrs. now and we are ordering more for the Bath Room,Kitchen & hallways.the tiles are very easy to paint (before you put them up), very easy to install even if your rooms are not square.You can do a room in one afternoon & change the look of your house without paying a fortune,we both highly recommend this product.

Yours Truly

— Cheryl

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