Vinyl Ceiling Tile

Vinyl ceiling tiles and wallcoverings can lend your room or office space an air of sophistication. Through Ceiling Tiles By Us, you can discover a complete array of exciting vinyl ceiling tiles, crown moldings, ceiling borders, rosettes, and much more. Our company is a leading online supplier of high-quality, affordable ceiling improvement products. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a contractor searching for great materials, you can trust Ceiling Tiles By Us.

Benefits of Vinyl Ceiling Tile

Vinyl Ceiling TileIn many areas, you can also turn to our professional installers, who can put in or replace your decorative vinyl ceiling. Our tiles are extremely safe–they are noncombustible, nonflammable, and don’t give off noxious fumes when burned because they’re self extinguishing. You can paint them with water-based paints, acrylics, emulsions, and airless sprayers.

Best of all, our vinyl ceiling tiles can fit on practically any firm, dry surface, including wallboard, gypsum panels, plywood, sheetrock, concrete, glass mesh, and even popcorn. That being said, it’s important to remove any debris from your ceiling before you install the panels. You should also purchase an overage of 10 to 15 percent more tiles than you need–just in case.

For installation tips, recommendations for tile adhesives, caulking FAQs, and much more, please consult the rest of our site. Our experts are standing by to help you design and remodel your space as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We invite you to browse our handiwork here or email us for samples of our vinyl ceiling tiles.

View our entire selection of ceiling tiles at our online store.

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