Warranty, Shipping & Return Policy & Procedure for:

Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc.

1440 Coral Ridge Drive # 373

Coral Springs, Florida 

Customer satisfaction is important to us.

Warranty of Product:

We, Ceiling Tiles By Us, Inc., guarantee our products to be free of defects of craftsmanship aligned to the manufacturer’s warranty but not beyond that. We inspect every item prior to shipment and in the unlikely event you encounter any hidden craftsmanship or manufacturing defect such as in design form, color etc. the customer shall:

Shipping Cost:

Shipping cost, other than posted sale applicable to discount and shipping restrictions, is a standard charge/minimum varying as to different products plus after accumulated usage is absorbs the minimum charge will progressively increase incrementally adjusted as to dimensions of product ordered. Shipping Charges can be checked at checkout prior to payment by Calculating S & H with inserting Country, State, City & Zip Code. We ship some products by Fed Ex, UPS, USPS & DHL 2–5-day ground & home delivery, in the contiguous forty-eight states, USA. Some products are shipped by Freight Carrier, LTL. We reserve the right to quote S & H should an unexpected scenario arise.

Product Return Policy:

Our Return policy is that the shipped product can be returned provided the shipped product has not been altered or damaged and remains unaltered and undamaged at customers expense with all Return and Shipping arrangements handled by Customer and paid for by the Customer. The Customer is solely responsible for making return shipping and handling arrangements and the cost or expense associated with the return shipping and handling. It is requested the customer alert Ceiling Tiles By Us Inc of the return to allow us to expect to receive the returned product. The product shall be returned within 30 days of purchase and delivery of the product. A Restocking and Handling Fee shall apply and be equal to 8% of the product purchase price, not inclusive of the initial shipping and handling fee for the original delivery, but in no event less than the minimal restocking fee of $30.00. With the above conditions complied with the refund will be processed within 14 days of product receipt. The purchase date and or delivery date will apply as the start of the 30 days, and should the customer elect to return the product at a point after the stated 30 days after the delivery and or purchase date then no refund will be available. Instead, a credit toward a future purchase may apply for the net return amount, less any initial shipping and handling or return shipping and handling and applicable restocking fee, provided the stated transaction, subsequent purchase, shall occur within 60 days of the confirmed return date, provided the above conditions are complied with.

We do purchase insurance, and declare value defer to Courier. We as a rule do not ship with a signature requirement to confirm delivery. However larger shipments are an exception and signature confirmation may be required.

Inspection of Product Upon Arrival of Shipment and What to in the unlikely event you encounter Damaged Product:

We inspect every item prior to shipment. Nevertheless, Please examine all shipping packages when they arrive and make sure they are not damaged in any way. Despite the “Fragile Stickers” look for puncture hole they may penetrate the double strength shipping boxes we use. Check the corners of the boxes for indentation or any sign of damage. If you believe based upon the appearance of the box or boxes that there is a possible damage to the contents, notify the delivery person about it immediately. Make a note of your findings and actions on the document that you may be asked to sign, or ask the delivery person to provide you a form where you can specify that you have seen open and oblivious damage to the shipment boxes and supect possible concealed damage to the product within the shipment boxes.

Should you encounter any damaged product it is required that you document that damage and minimally please do the following: