What Are Backsplashes & Why They Matter

When it comes to home decor, the kitchen is typically the area, aside from the living room, that a lot of thought should be put into. Why? Because the kitchen is nucleus of the home. The kitchen is where not only food is prepared, but guests are entertained, memories are made and it’s easy to renovate or liven up this space vs other living areas in the home. Granted, renovating your kitchen can get expensive, depending on what you want done, but it doesn’t always have to be.

So, you’re ready to spice up your kitchen, give it a nice modern yet luxurious twist. Where do you start? The backsplash of course. Many aren’t familiar with backsplashes, although they most likely have seen one. According to hgtv.com, backsplashes protect walls from spills and splatters during cooking, however, this detail in kitchens are becoming the focal point of today’s kitchen area. Now, there’s a variety of luxurious backsplash tiles that homeowners can choose from.

Take a look and see how backsplashes totally transformed these kitchens.

Newly Installed Backsplash

If you’re interested in spicing up your kitchen, invest in a backsplash that coordinates with your style. Our backsplashes will make your kitchen space look as if you renovated for a good chunk of change. What’s even better is that tiles can be installed within a few hours! We’ve got great prices available for our beautiful backsplashes, get yours while this sale is still hot!