What Does Your Ceiling Say About Your Home?

Many people don’t think about ceilings until maybe, it has a leak or a hole. In addition to that fact, the ceiling isn’t the first thing people look for when visiting someone’s home. However, when you do invest in decorative ceiling tiles for your home, your guests will surely notices them.

When it comes to interior designs, the ceiling a.k.a “The Fifth Wall”, is typically left exposed and overlooked. Although many homeowners don’t think much about decorating their ceilings, this concept isn’t new. According to interiorsandsources.com, “Tin ceiling tiles gained popularity in North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a less expensive alternative to plaster ceilings; they also had the added benefits of being more lightweight, durable, and inherently fire rated.”

Did you know that aside from aesthetics, the toughest ceiling tiles perform rather well in demanding environments and meet safety requirements? This is due to the fact that majority of ceiling tiles are constructed from resilient substrates such as PVC, polycarbonates, metal, fiber-reinforced plastic, plywood, fabric and more. Because of the materials they’re constructed with, ceiling tiles are also considered to be flame retardants that meet safety requirements for interiors.

Our decorative ceiling tiles will bring a sophisticated appeal to your home and do not- as a rule- require removal of your popcorn ceiling! For more information and pricing details, please visit our ceiling tiles page via our homepage, under the STORE tab. Be sure to take advantage of our discounted ceiling tiles that are on sale!