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Acoustic Wall Panels Guitar Print


Our specializes in making affordable acoustic treatment that really works. We can custom-design bass traps and acoustic panels to fit everyone’s needs. We also carry a large assortment of DIY acoustical materials for your studio, home theater, church or office. Our sound absorption products are built out of the best materials available. We never cut corners and we pledge that all our products are built with the utmost attention to detail and quality. They are designed with our customers in mind. We offer a huge selection of colors to complement any decor. They are tested to provide highest absorption at the lowest cost.

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All of the benefits of our standard acoustic insulation with none of the itch, our Eco friendly acoustic material consists of a blend of recycled cellulose, paper and cotton. This material has extremely comparable sound absorption at mid to high frequencies and superior absorption at low frequencies, when compare with traditional fiberglass based cores.

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Weight 24.9 lbs



12"x12'x2", 12"x12"x1", 24"x24"x1", 24"x24"x2", 24"x24"x4", 24"x24"x6, 36"x24"x2", 36"x24"x4", 36"x24"x6", 48"x24"x2", 48"x24"x4", 48"x24"x6", 48"x48"x2", 48"x48"x4", 72"x48"x2", 72"x48"x4", 96"x48"x2', 96"x48"x4"


Acoustic Guitar on old Chair, Black Electric Guitar against Red Back Ground, Brown Electric Guitar against Gold Back Ground, Burning Guitar, Colorful Music Banner with Three Guitar Collection, Crush Guitar Fiery Skeleton, Drum Set, Guitarist Fiery Illustration, Jazz Singer with Band, Steel Mic on Fire Doused with Water, Vector Illustration of a Jazz Band


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