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BackSplash Faux Tin Silver PVC 13 ft roll WC 20


BackSplash Faux Tin Silver PVC 13 ft roll  design WC 20. The Decorative kitchen backsplash  is a famous masterpiece that is great for improving the present condition of your kitchen. This amazing kitchen backsplash beautifies your kitchen with majestic patterns that make your home glitter and sparkle the way you want it to. 

There are certain features that every homeowner expects when they order a backsplash, and with the WC-20 Faux Tin PVC Back Splash, you can expect the best features at an affordable price. The WC-20 Faux Silver/Tin Backsplash is patterned with a diamond-like design that features a match of square-shaped lines in a glittering and awesome demeanor.

If you want your kitchen to glow the way it should, without having to spend too much on wall tiles, it is advisable that you opt for a kitchen backsplash. The WC-20 Faux Tin PVC backsplash allows you to give your kitchen a grand design while protecting its walls from defects and damages. Not only does this backsplash beautify your home, but it also allows you to get hands-on with the DIY experience and you get the experience to do more!

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BackSplash Faux Tin Silver PVC 13 ft roll WC 20

Your kitchen is the center of attraction in your home. Especially if your family tradition is to cook exotic and mouthwatering meals. Getting your neighbors and visitors to talk about your kitchen is something you should look forward to, especially when you purchase and install the WC-20 Faux Tin/Silver PVC backsplash. This backsplash is great for individuals looking for low-cost renovation materials that will beautify your home. 

Your kitchen is an important area in your home and having a befitting interior decoration for your kitchen is great for you. A simple method of rejuvenating your kitchen without performing any serious renovation activities is to buy and use backsplashes. A backsplash is a decorative material that helps to protect your walls from damages and scratches. 

When choosing a backsplash for your home, there are certain features that you should definitely look into. These features include the material type, the quality of the material, and how it beautifies your kitchen. That said, the major thing that most homeowners want from a backsplash, is its ability to beautify their kitchen! Since your kitchen needs recognition, and what the kitchen wants, the kitchen gets!

Backsplashes are also great for commercial, local and private businesses. Especially if your run a top-rate restaurant that dignitaries and celebrities attend. Spending so much on getting expensive decorations for your business could make spend more on maintenance and repairs. But with the WC-20 Faux Tin/Silver PVC Back  Splash, your business gets the attraction you want and a great rating from your clients. Talk about affordable and effective!

How does a backsplash add to the beauty of your business? There are many ways through which a backsplash improves your business look in the eyes of the public. If you consider its feats, it not only adds to your customer’s view of your business, but also to your mode of operation and functionality. When you discover the great value that your backsplash adds to your business, it is only vital that you increase your use of backsplashes.

As mentioned earlier, the WC-20 Faux Tin/Silver PVC backsplash has a lot of features that make it one of the best kitchen backsplashes ever designed. These features have been listed in the section below, and we advise that you check them out. We have put the features alongside the design ideas, and we hope they will help you in creating the image you want from your kitchen. 

Design Ideas BackSplash Faux Tin Silver PVC 13 ft roll WC 20

If you are short of ideas on how you could install your Wc-20 Faux Kitchen BackSplash, we have helped you with some simple, but efficient methods of installing them. Here are some design ideas for your kitchen backsplash. 

  • Simple and Shiny

    You could simply cover the area between your counter-top and kitchen cabinet or chimney with the metallic Silver variant of the WC-20 Faux PVC Back Splash for a shiny effect. For your bathrooms, you could just use a full stretch of the backsplash to coverup the entire toilet. 

  • Full Coverage

    You make your kitchen elegant by covering it up with the black variant of this backsplash. Cover up counter tops, cabinets and walls with Wc-20 Faux Kitchen PVC Back Splash. 

  • Marble-it Up

    You could use a white hammered backsplash in a dark gray kitchen island with marble-like countertops.  Using this style gives your kitchen a classy feeling that would make your guests dream of cooking in it; it is also great for restaurants where a lot of stir fry and flambe is done, to hide the smoke and grease that could foil your kitchen’s beauty. 

Features of the WC-20 Faux PVC BackSplash

As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds, designs, and textures of backsplashes, especially when you want a piece that has a striking resemblance to a king’s palace, from the ancient periods. Why? Because it adds unbelievable taste and a topping of class in your kitchen and its furniture, and if that’s the answer to your question, then the WC-20 Faux PVC Backsplash is great for you. Here are some of it’s features that would interest you. 

  • Anti-rust

    Like other unique backsplashes on our website, the WC-20 Tin/Silver PVC backsplash is a fantastic material plated that wouldn’t rust, irrespective of its age. Its PVC properties ensures that your backsplash is durable and shiny.

  • Effective on Bathrooms

    This backsplash is also effective on bathrooms. Won’t you want to enjoy a shiny bathroom? It’s shiny characteristics makes your bathroom a lot more luxurious. It also helps you with chores, since it is easy to clean

  • Great for Public Kitchens

    If you own a kitchen that functions as an eatery or a restaurant, you might want to add the hammered backsplash to your list of design patterns. You’ll notice that it is a great and perfect match for your kitchen when you try it.

  • Compatible with Most Bathroom Layouts

    The WC-20 Faux Tin/Silver Backsplash is compatible with most types of bathroom layouts and designs. Not only does it complement your bathroom design, but it also gives your bathroom a great and improved look. You could check various design ideas for installing this bathroom/kitchen backsplash, and it saves you the cost of mass renovating your bathroom. 

How to Install the PVC Backsplash Faux Tin Silver

Here’s how you can install our PVC Backsplash on your kitchen walls. If you follow these steps, you’d notice that it’s great and easy. So! Let’s start!

  1. First, unroll the PVC Backsplash, and apply light weights to stretch out each sheet. 
  2. Once you’re ready, cut up the PVC backsplash at your measured length. You can use a regular scissor for this step. 
  3. Fit the piece that you have cut out under your cabinets, furniture, or your wall, and ensure that it is a good fit. 
  4. Now, you can use glue, construction adhesive, or cement to stick the backsplash to your desired position. 
  5. Apply your desired adhesive to the back of the backsplash, and also to the wall or any other surface you intend to protect. 
  6. Allow the adhesive to dry-out before attaching the backsplash. 
  7. Done!

You will need the following tools and materials for the job:

  • Adhesive suggested regular liquid contact cement or contact cement gel.
  • Adhesive suggested Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive in tube
  • Foam paint roller or paintbrush or putty knife
  • Tray for the liquid adhesive.
  • Caulking Gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors or Box Cutter or Craft Knife Exacto/Hobby knife
  • Pencil  

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