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Ceiling Tile 226 Antique Gold


Product Information:

Material:       Rigid PVC.
Size:               2’ x 2’ (foot) (4 Square feet)
Thickness:    0.50 mm

Depth:  3/8″

Fire Rated:   Class A


Installation:  Indoor, Outdoor up to 105 F Degree, or Below Zero

Long Lasting & Durable

No Fungus & Termite Effect

Washable, Weatherproof & Waterproof

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With our Decorative Ceiling Tile 226 Antique Gold you can easily create a beautiful ceiling in an easy economical way with beautiful PVC Ceiling Tiles from Ceiling Tiles By Us. A Great Do it yourself project or a new or addition to an existing home or business. Ceiling Tiles are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets, dimensional embossed and most are hand painted so color variations exist.  Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride sheets. The Ceiling Tiles are dimensional embossed to create three-dimension effect.

The Decorative Ceiling Tile is made to be installed in a standard Grid Suspended Ceiling, just drop in the Ceiling Tile.  You may have a non-grid suspended ceiling. Perfect because the Decorative Ceiling Tile 226 Antique Gold can be glued to most any clean flat surface with overlapping edges. You can glue with Contact Cement or we recommend Loctite All Purpose Construction adhesive.

Where to use the product:

You can install our beautiful decorative ceiling tile 226 antique gold in any facility including homes, offices, hotels, motels, restaurants basically any where there is a ceiling. The quality and economic value is exceptional.

How many ceiling tiles are needed?

It is suggested you determine the total square foot of your space and add at least 5 to 10 % as a waste error overage.

As an example, for a room with ceiling dimensions of 10 feet x 10 feet there exists 100 square feet. You simply add the recommended overage of 10% making the square footage factor of 110 square feet. With a 24-inch x 24-inch Ceiling Tile being 4 square feet, you simply divide 4 into 110 confirming you need 28 Ceiling Tiles.

Additional Product Information.

  • Long Lasting and Durable.
  • Easy to clean, wash with water and mild detergent.
  • Paint with any good quality paint.
  • Cut with scissors.
  • Will not rust.
  • Lightweight
  • Class A Fire Rated




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