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WC-40 Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered


Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered

 Making your kitchen or other places you do business look attractive is not an uphill task with a DIY backsplash. The best and easiest way to give it a new face that attracts people is by using the Wall Cover Antique Silver Back Splash WC-40. This product is the definition of modern and beautiful. Costing a pocket-friendly rate, it is also highly durable. Hence you get to spend less now and lesser in the long run. The feedback from clients, domestic and commercial, is nothing short of excellent. The product can be used in kitchens, hotels, hospitals, schools, and lots more. The product can also serve as added décor to areas like; Crown Molding, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Medallions, Baseboards, Door and Window Trim, Chair rail, and Arched Windows others. When you fix this material on any wall, rest assured that you offer a unique appearance to your environment. Installation is generally simple and can be done by anyone, even those with zero handy ability. There is an instruction manual for installation and several videos online on how to install them yourself.


WC-40 Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered

Are you curious about how to give your kitchen, office, hospital, school, hotel, and restaurant an elegant and new design? Then the top product to go for is the Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered WC-40. This is because the installation process is easy, and it easily flows with any kitchen style or design. It is also very cheap, and the pattern is simple and straightforward, ensuring that it can last the change of fashion for years to come.  

Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered Product Reviews

This product has many physical features that make it outstanding among other products, and each quality is meant to add splendor to your environment. To find out more about these qualities, check them out.

  • The product comes in a wrap 2 feet wide as well as a length of 25 feet. You can get it lengths over 50 feet.
  • The unique design comes in various colors. They can be gotten in silver, bronze, gold, copper, and lots more.
  • With a single design, you have a variety of shapes that range from square to curve.
  • More than one color can be bought in a roll at any time.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy. With water and a mild detergent or any other cleaning agent, you will get the most sparkling results.

With all these benefits attached to this product, it is obvious that you have the best from your backsplash.

Durability, Quality, and Features WC-40 Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered

Because we care for quality and standard, the Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered WC-40 is made of Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets, and by implication, it the most trusted offering the best services. This material is selected because of its durability and quality. From our clients’ ratings and reviews, the feedback shows that the product is one that stands up to any competition anywhere in the world. Using this product means your kitchen decoration is bound to last for a long time. Added to this is the testing of this product against a high level of temperature. It is has been proven that it can withstand a temperature of up to 140 Fahrenheit. This means, therefore, that it is fire resistant.

The Design And Appearance Of The Product

A product does not need to come in the brightest colors to determine its qualities. This product comes in a simple and great design that can effortlessly match any kitchen design and style. One of the unique purposes it serves is that it can be used in places apart from the kitchen. It also adds a classical appearance to the kitchen or any other place, and since it comes in colors that suit your overall color combination in the environment, you can easily blend it in to give a fantastic look.

Easy Installation

One of the reasons you should choose the product is that it is very easy to install. It is also safe, especially when handling it during installation. The Wall Cover Antique Silver Hammered WC-40 can be attached with glue on many surfaces, whether plain or hard. With the use of rubber-based adhesive such as DAP Original Gel, and Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive, the installation is easy, and you can get the job done within a short moment!

One of the reasons it is seen as a DIY is that there are detailed steps and instructions on using it in its manual. With that, anyone who is not a professional can handle it well and get fantastic results.

What Categories Of People Can Use It And Where Can It Be Used?

Anyone can use it, and it can be used at any surface or area from the home to anywhere outside the home, such as kitchen, bars, restaurants, hotels, business complexes, schools, and corporate firms. Even hospitals are not left out.

Procedure To Follow On Installation Wall Cover Antique Silver

  • Start the process by first checking out space and measurements.
  • Get videos and manuals of our products for direction on the installation process and carefully watch and study them.
  • Prepare the backsplash materials.
  • Go on to unfurl or unroll the backsplash.
  • Settle for the measurement according to yo your space and cut it out based on what you want
  • Apply the adhesive and decide on what to use among contact cement, glue, and Loctite all-purpose construction adhesive 
  • Apply the or glue adhesive to the backsplash
  • Fit the backsplash over the surface prepared
  • Stretch out and flat without leaving any air behind it 
  • Allow it to hold on to dry. 

With these procedures followed critically, you have the best outlook!

Cost And Verdict

With all these features and benefits, you should rest assured that the cost is not exorbitant and should soon take up. No matter the design or the variety that you need, your needs are certain to be met without delay.

Wall Cover Antique Silver


Wall Cover Antique Silver





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