Decorative Kitchen Back Splash Rolls Faux Copper WC-20 provide an easy inexpensive way to create a beautiful kitchen. Similarly, we have many customers decorate a piece of furniture. The homeowner remodeled the home to help it sell. The owner remodeled the kitchen by installing back splash. The homeowner enjoys the new kitchen back splash. Based on our feedback we provide the best Decorative Back Splash available in the market for many years. The homeowner performed a Great Do it yourself project.  The homeowner installed decorative kitchen back splash as part of the remodel project. The buyer loves the beautiful newly installed back splash. The restaurant customers love the new wall covering. The business owners installed wall covering to increase appearance. The restaurant owner has a beautiful wall covering.  As a result, they have great durability. The wife loves the new kitchen backsplash.


We provide PVC Decorative Kitchen Back Splash in rolls 2 feet wide and 25 feet long. However, we sell different lengths even rolls up to 50 feet long The homeowner wanted to see more beautiful designs. We offer almost every color shade or combination of one or 2 or more colors available. Colors like Metallic (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.), Pearl, Cream Pearl etc. Our Decorative Kitchen Back Splash are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets. As a result, they have great durability. which make it stylish and aesthetic. In fact, our Plastic Ceiling Back splash look better than real Tin or real metal or Copper or Silver etc. The wife loves the new kitchen backsplash. The restaurant is beautiful with the new wall covering. The buyer loved the design. Equally Important the greater artwork is created with various colors & effects; some are hand painted.


130 Antique Silver Slightly IMPERFECTION

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