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Wall Covering Backsplash WC-90 Black Silver


Wall Covering Backsplash

Are you are a lover of good and attractive kitchen Backsplash designs? Then you must be searching for one with the most exclusive appearance. Wallcovering backsplash plastic vinyl comes in various colours. Decorative kitchen backsplash rolls faux copper WC-90 is a unique and elegant cutting-edge decorative design for a modern kitchen. It is easy to install and affordable for everyone. It gives your walls a new and elegant look and adds value to it; that is if you are considering selling your home.

One of the reasons you should use our product is that our customers’ feedback is impressive. We have ratings on our products tagging us as one of the best in the industry in recent times. Decorative kitchen backsplash is loved and appreciated by many. It can be used in homes, offices, corporate kitchens, restaurants, schools, bars and much more. It is also very easy to clean and can be installed without the presence of a professional. All is laid out in the instruction manual, and of course, you can find tons of images and video guides online. One last point is its durability; it is a product you can rely on for a lifetime.

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 Wall Covering Back SplashWC-90 Black Silver

One of the amazing things about Plastic Vinyl Wall Covering Back Splash is that it has many colors for this unique design. You can choose from gold, silver, cream, pearl, copper, brown, and many more among the unique colors. Also, there are many lengths from which customers can choose from. This ranges from rolls of 2 feet wide and 25 feet in length. However, you can also get other different lengths of up to 30 feet long rolls. Another unique point of the product is that they are produced from High-Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets, ensuring durability and elegance. Moreover, our Plastic Ceiling Backsplash is a masterpiece offering hand-painted designs with a high level of authenticity.

WC-90 Black Silver What Are Its Qualities And Functions?

Decorative Backsplash designs are one of the things that add beauty to any environment. It is used to beautify the home, but it is used to decorate or complement the designs of any environment. It can and has been used in locations including but not limited to;

  • Schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Clubs and bars.
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • And much more.

When it comes to safety, the decorative kitchen backsplash plastic vinyl is safer to handle and install than metals. It is cost-effective and has been passed through fire testing to prove it is fireproof, original, versatile and durable. Our Wall Covering Back Splash is reliable because they are mapped out of the most certified quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets. These sheets are fortified for up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit heat; this makes it highly durable for any environment. No need to worry much about its maintenance, you can achieve the best sparkling results with just water and a mild detergent. However, this product should not undergo excessive heat if you want it to last long.

The Installation Process, How Easy It Is?

The installation process is very simple and can be done by anyone. The decorative kitchen or wall covering back splash is easy to install and can be handled by not only an expert but by also a novice. To install it, you need materials such as quality rubber base adhesive, Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive and DAP Original. These materials, coupled with your intelligence, will produce amazing results. To get the best results, consult the manual that comes with it. Being a plastic product, it is lighter in weight and would not cut or inflict injury like real metals when it falls on any part of the body during handling or installation.

How To Prepare The PVC  Wall Covering Back Splash Installation– The Surface Areas.

The process of preparation and installation is very easy to a clean surface. This is achieved by measuring a particular area where the installation will be fixed. To achieve this simple feat, make sure you are accurate with your measurement to avoid being too long or being too short. In case you are a bit confused on how to measures it, consult any of the videos on installation to help you out.

Ways To Prepare for installation

 The process to prepare the PVC  Wall Covering Back Splash includes unfurling and unrolling it. After that has been done, you need to cut the product according to the lengths of your surface or what you desire. To do the cutting, you need only the services of your normal scissors and fit into a column wall, your piece of furniture, or a cabinet. With this and the application of extra discretion, you have the best results.

How To Prepare The Glue And Add To Backsplash Before Placing On Installation Surface.

  • To achieve this, get materials such as contact cement, Loctite all-purpose construction adhesive, or a glue and wall covering back splash.
  • To get the desired result, contact the manual and read carefully. This will be a guide on how to achieve the best results.
  • To glue it to the surface, apply the glue first to the Backsplashes and the wall or the surface you want to use.
  • Allow it dry to a reasonable level before attaching the Backsplash to the other surface you wish to attach it to.
  • After doing this, make sure to get any air that might be behind the Backsplash out to get a firmer and strong fixing.
  • In some cases, you can apply polyurethane to reinforce its durability and add extra beauty to it.
  • When all these are done, you are free to cover the Backsplash edges with materials such as plastic, piece of metal or wood.

Our decorative Wall Covering Back Splash rolls faux copper WC-90 can be used to design many things such as ceiling tiles, ceiling and ceiling rings, crown molding, ceiling medallions, casing and chair rail, door and window trim, columns, baseboards, door casing, boxes, arched windows and many more.

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